FEC101 Sep 17, 2015

FEC101 in the rain with the private cars. Shooting this one from the comfort of the front porch with high power.
EoT past MP236 at 6:22PM.
101 by mp236 at 6:36 with 818,811. Weather has only gotten worse, so from the porch again, but just sayin, what a magnificent view. Almost like our own Folkston!  Not sure if Tommy saw the sparklers between rain and smoke. All IM with a lot of Schneider's, Interstate's, Raven's,  FEC blue containers double stacked and the highlight of Azalea and St Augustine on the bottom. Could see no lights which I thought odd considering the darkness plus rain. Maybe they were like me and using candlelight.
Anita and Caboose

FEC101 Sep 17, 2015 vid link:

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